The Endoca Team


Out in the fields, in the lab and at the customer care dept, we are working hard to give you the best CBD oil that nature produces.We are here for you, we love what we do, it's what we are. 


Our team

Henry Vincenty


“I traveled for decades in search of suitable organic medicines and discovered that hemp works as a cure for many common ailments. Our goal is to make quality Cannabis/Hemp extracts, accessible world-wide, and create a 100% sustainable company where we are living and working in harmony with nature”

Adriaan de Kroo

Sales and Education EU

“I’m happy to know that what we produce is making people happy all around the world. I have seen the life of many of my customers change simply by using this natural medicine and a strictly organic diet.I became a true free Cannabis fighter ”

Lukas Smertinie

Shipments and Logistics

“In many countries CBD is considered a simple commodity like in Brazil or most of Europe, in other places it is almost impossible to buy organic Cannabis extract for medication, We always find a way to deliver our product”

Mariam Jacobsen

Human Resources

“Endoca has grown to a 48 employee company, from production to shipment is a lot of heads to put together.We are united from the main goal to help our clients and my challenge is to make all the team work like a swiss clock!”

Martin Vangkilde

Chief Research and Development

“CBD, CBG, CBN, Cannabinoids are a relatively a new discovery, We use them since the beginning of time, but is only recently that We could really unveil more of their potential.Is our job at the RD division to Unlock the secret of Nature … and we do it Endoca style”

Vida Bud

Chief Research

“Our goal in the lab is to ensure safety and potency of our products. My job is to guard and maintain the perfection of nature in every single bottle we produce.In our laboratories Cannabis gets back the respect she needs”

Endoca Production and Research team


Endoca has built a team with extensive experience in the production and research of CBD and other Cannabinoids. Our production team is led by Dr. Vida Bud and consists of: Professor in Botanical Extracts, Professor in Chemistry, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Master of Science in Biotech, Mechanical Engineer, Food Science Engineer, Pharmaceutical Engineer, and Physiologist.



About us

At Endoca™ our primary focus is to research and develop innovative hemp extracts and to make them accessible world-wide. We are dedicated to producing the finest and purest quality CBD oil while never compromising on quality. Our primary goal is to develop different high quality ...

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CBD Production

Endoca achieved a unique cold manufacturing process that can reliably reproduce the natural, balanced phytochemical profile of the original dry hemp material. We firmly believe that the biochemical equilibrium within the herb must be maintained, as this has proven effective throughout the ages to ...

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Quality Control

The manufacturing process starts with a customized selection of the highest quality raw materials available from our fields. In order to produce best quality CBD oil. We use the finest hemp grown in pristine natural conditions in Scandinavia, without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides...

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