Should I choose CBD or CBD+CBDa?

In nature the cannabis plant contains CBDa and CBD, therefore we create products so you can choose between CBD (Cannabidiol) and the combination of CBD+CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid). We believe CBDa combined with CBD is better, but we also produce products containing CBD only, using a heat treatment process. Our most popular product is the 15% Raw Hemp Oil Drops containing 1500 mg of CBDa+CBD per bottle. But overall, keeping it simple and choosing raw is always the best.



What CBD delivery form do I choose?

After you decide if you want raw or heated product, it’s easy as then you only have to decide the strength you want and the delivery form. The differences in strength are measured in % and the delivery forms you can choose are: paste (first extract), drops, capsules, suppositories, chewing gum, salve, or 99% CBD.