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  • Best CBD oil i ever used.It simply works. The people of customer care are amazing. Thanks!

  • I have been using CBD products for several months now trying to find something to calm me down and help me sleep. Nothing really worked and i was about to give up on CBD altogether , then i found Endoca. What a difference. Not only do they use all natural ingredients, but this stuff works on the first night. I Haven't slept any better!

  • I've been using the 15% tincture and have had a great experience so far. Endoca came highly recommended, and I recommend them to anyone needing CBD!

    Colorado Joe
  • I used to have trouble sleeping and being stressed. I was recommended to take some CBD and tried different brands and different %, but there was always something that could be improved. Then I tried the 20% CBD paste from Endoca, and now I sleep like a rock, and feel full of energy each morning. It's like a heavy cloak has been lifted from my shoulders, so I see the world in a more optimistic way. Thank you Endoca :)

  • When I knew I needed to find the BEST QUALITY Hemp Oil CBD products for my family and myself I looked everywhere. I can finally rest happy knowing I found a company focused on the best quality. I have 4 family members that are here today that all swear by Endoca every day. Thank you Endoca! You saved us all! Levin Family

    Dave Levine
  • In winter time I got skin problemes - diagnosis versicolor. The doctor prescribed cream and shampoo and told that it will take 2 weeks and the consequensces may be - loss of hair and white spots on the skin. I used 20% CBD paste instead of and it took 5 days and all problems wee gone. Perfect product and taste good as I am also eating it, which maked me reaxed and focused at the same time. Good luck Endoca team - for Unlocking the secrets of nature!

  • Very happy with the batch-number control system. Have had some trouble in the past, you guys are definitely setting the standard for CBD oils. Quick delivery, nice personal customer care. Chapeau!

    Adje de Zeeuw
  • I have been using the CBD products and for the first time in 20 years I can eat organic apples and a lot of other organic fruits, which I was had developed allergies for. This has changed my life and I will for sure spread the word about this

  • My son was born 3.5 months prematurely and has had a multitude of complications. Cerebral Palsy, Wests Syndrome (seizures every 3 hours), Cystic and Spinal Hydrocephalus with VP Shunt and more to do with lungs, blindness and stomach issues. This product is amazing. My son has been on the 20% oil extract for 3 weeks. 2 doses a day at the size of a grain of rice. His progress is phenomonal. He has zero seizures now, his sight is returning and his alertness has increased immensly. Thank you so much for producing such a high quality medicine that really works... with no side effects...like the conventional medicines had.

  • My daughter Katelyn was born with Dravet Syndrome a rare catastrophic epilepsy. She has very good Drs but at the time Cannabis oil was not able to be prescribed for her legally in Australia. We ordered it anyway (like good parents should) and gave it to her. The first night she just seemed to sleep better. And the next day when she woke up looking clear and awake we knew she'd be on CBD oil for the rest of her life. The next time we saw her Neurologist he said it was the best he'd seen her. We have been on CBD oil now for over 1 year. We have tried a couple of other products but i find Endoca to be the best. Thank you Endoca for your natural hemp products. Thank you for helping our dear epileptic daughter. If your child has Dravet Syndrome i would highly recommend you try Endoca CBD oils.

    Michael Lambert
  • I am diagnosed with severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease, an autoimmune disease, that resulted in a five-week approval from US Social Security Disability. Terminally ill patients are typically approved in four weeks or less, and the average waiting time takes on average 1.5-3 years for other disabled applicants. After having almost died multiple times from the symptoms of IBD such as severe malnutrition, I found out about Endoca from a friend. I have been taking the Raw 20% CBD & CBDa paste, and I have seen a tremendous difference in my health with significantly less chronic pain, reduced inflammation, and much less anxiety. I recommended Endoca to a friend who knows a great jazz musician with crippling arthritis and Endoca has helped him ease his pain to get him back to playing again without having such severe chronic pain. I highly recommend Endoca products given their quality and safety record, and I will be using their product for life. Thanks, Endoca!

    Scott Hackworth
  • for Greece the Pharmacy Akritas St transport with better way and with more confident the product of the ENDOCA

    Mavrou Zafiro
  • the best cbd oil.

  • It is a "piece of cake" placing an order on your web site. Delivery in the USA is less than a week to receive my order.. Super job!! The only thing I cannot vouch for positively is whether or not the Endoca pills are helping me or not. However, in the interest of seeing health improvements I will take the Endoca pills for 6-12 months hoping for visible benefits. Cheers, Pat

  • I buy the CBD products from Endoca because I share their vision of a better world. Endoca is a liitle bit more expensive than other competitiors, but the high quality standards are worth the price.

  • 2000raw hemp Oil paste is stronger than expected, too soon to make assumptions, but is definitely for real.

  • Surely one of the best product online

  • When researching CBD I had certain things in mind. I wanted a product that was not contaminated by chemicals at any stage in the process, as natural as possible with a high percentage CBD. I also needed all this to be proven via lab work. As I researched, one name came up again and again, that was Endoca.Organically grown with fantastically high levels of CBD and trackable batch test results. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just try the 20% if you feel any anxiety. It diminishes quickly. It's a fabulous pain controller (I no longer take any pain relief), and a brilliant sedative. I have yet to see if it will have the effect on my main reason for taking it which is metastatic cancer (however tumour markers as still dropping), but will update. I have tried other CBD pastes but they do not have the same result. Endoca in my opinion is simply the best!

  • god levering

  • Endoca is the best place to buy high quality products that are real life changers. Thank you for work.

  • I tried my first high concentrated hemp-oil from Endoca early 2015. Since then I have not used any of my painkillers, tramadol, and I have spread the word to everyone I know since. In my network a LOT - hundreds - have tried the amazing effects of CBD, and most important for all - we started placing our trust in the products because of the strict quality-management and certified production - and we have NOT been disappointed. Two things though - Its a little difficult dosing from the big syringes, and the taste - well its not everyone that is so happy about it, but acceptable due to the positive effects. Thank you Endoca.. Merry X-mas Jan, Spain

  • just three days of taking capsules -- no ill effects and looking forward to benefits

  • I was very please with the service and quick delivery of my order!!

  • On Endoca, I finally found what I have been looking for so long time! I would recommend this company to everyone simply because of its staff's professionalism and competences. Also the website is very well structured in each single detail, from products description to the explanation of their manufacturing process! Eventually, the shipment has been pretty quick, considering the Christmas holidays period. I will, for sure, make other deals in future with Endoca.

  • Здравствуйте. Заказ дошел до Татарстана за 3 недели, хорошо упакованый, в целости и сохранности. Отзывы и наблюдения от родителей из России смотрите на форуме detiangeli, Масло Шарлотты при лечении эпилепсии. Большое спасибо Endoca за их работу.

  • The reasults we got after using the cbd oil is amazing

  • Grate produkt. 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆

    Michael Ljungqvist
  • Ottimo prodotto, di straordinaria qualità ed efficacia. Testato in ACMOS, possiede tutte le caratteristiche energetiche che lo rendono unico e importante per ritrovare l'equilibrio perso. Tutti positivi i riscontri finora ottenuti dalle persone che per la prima volta lo hanno utilizzato. La Ditta Produttrice ENDOCA è sinonimo di cordialità, puntualità, efficenza e garanzia di qualità.

    maria cristina per erboristeria arcobaleno
  • Best pain medication we have found in the last 20 years.

  • Best CBD Products ever Thx Endoca! Highly recommanded to People who are searching for a trendsetting product with 360degree benefit.

  • When i was in my mid 20s i was diagnosed with bi polar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. I was on over 300 psychiatric medications over the course of 7 years. By the end I was taking over 40 pills a day including valium, sleeping pills, amphetamines and lots of other insanely addictive drugs. Then i discovered CBD oil and it changed my life. It has such a calming effect and most importantly, it made me feel like myself for the first time in my life. It allowed me to quit nearly 90% of the medication I took daily. CBD keeps me calm and balanced in a way I never thought possible. I highly recommend anyone suffering from mental illness to try CBD.

  • AS ENDOCA TEAM. In our family is cancer and diabetes. Endoca goods realy helping in very naturale way without any problem with others organs in our body - not like all chemicals medicaments which we all normally use and destroy others organs. THANK YOU - YOU DO GREAT HELP FOR THE WORLD AND PEOPLE. Věrka Vettom CZ

  • I have been looking for a product that would alleviate spasms from cancer damage and surgical damage. I have had an excellent experience with Endoca. Customer service and product quality are both stellar. i have had the best results from their Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg CBD (Cannabidiol)(15%). I can get relief with just 6 drops of this under my tongue. Quality, consisteny, and open test results with every batch, They are the premier company for CBD oil. Don't waste your money elsewhere.

  • Very happy with product. Delivery and communications were excellent.

  • I purchased the 98% cbd crystal product and am highly satisfied. If you need a highly refined, purified product, then I know of nothing else on the market today that compares.

  • Advice with CBD and epilepsy very helpful. X

    Miss Vicky Holmes
  • So far this is the best hemp oil I ever tasted. The oil dissolves under your tongue. No like other oils the I have taken. I would recommend this oil. I purchased raw hemp oil w/ CBD & CBDa.

  • Very good experience

  • I've used your products for a long period of time (1.5 year). I am a cancer patient and I believe it helped me a lot. I stop to use the product 4 months ago and I am going to start again together with the chemo. I trust Endoca.

  • Easy website and reasonable delivery

  • Always the best product for the best price! There are many sellers where you can buy CBD. When you need good clean CBD choose ENDOCA!

  • Fast delivery, good support. Recommended.

  • Web site great , easy to make ur order, but would like approx details of delivery!

  • Perfect service and handeling

    Yannick Pollet
  • it helped me solfing my posttraumatic stress disorder like nothing before. its an essence (30 % cbd oil) that keeps away flashbacks high levels of stress, exagerations, reactive behaviour without downing my system. i am fully aware of every emotion but...i have the emotion and the emotion not longer has me. i for example when i got excited i used to scream...100 situations of excitment meant at least 98 situation i scream and yelled to others. no....and this is true...from 100 exciting situations i am down to 10 and if i freak out its not as heavy and not as long as before and this is realy true . i sometimes cant believe it because after 35 years i thought that i would never get rid of it. i am using the cbd oil now for 4 and half month. its like the magic potion in asterix the gaul i highly recommend it, highly. many thanks to the producer and scientists who made the wonderful oil available. always your customer my the company exist long and prosper B.U.

  • The range of products is very good and the expeditions are quick and reliable. I would definitely recommend Endoca.

  • I have purchased from ENDOCA many times, for almost a year and a half now, my primary purchase of CBD has been from ENDOCA. I was curious to try other known companies and I was glad I did because it just keeps reminding me of how great and superior ENDOCA is to many companies out there. I obviously DO NOT work for or associated with ENDOCA in any way, other than I purchase their products for my children's conditions. My son is severely autistic and my daughter has recurrent bronchitis, wheezing, coughing and fever especially during the fall and winter. CBD has changed my life in a massive way, it has actually allowed me to go back to school and continue my education because it has been the primary "medicine" for my sickly children. Their immunity has increased massively after the 1500 mg CBD drops. I give them a maintenance dose of 4 drops (20 mg CBD) per day for my 6-year old autistic son and a maintenance dose of 3 drops (15 mg CBD) per day for my 4.5-year old daughter with lung issues before bed each day. As for when they get sick, they take much higher doses in the fall and winter of approximately 3-4 drops (15-20 mg CBD) every 3-4 hours. To every mother out there that has suffered immensely with her children's health due to incapable doctors and incapable medical system, I tell you 4 words: Buy CBD from ENDOCA, and that is it my friends. Remember to titrate, i.e.: start with small doses and build up slowly. If your child has never taken CBD, you will have to dilute it with some coconut oil or any other oil to 1 mg per drop and build up slowly. I swear, I almost feel faint thinking about what if I run out of CBD in my house, that is how vital it is. At all times, I have at least 2-full, new 1500 mg CBD bottles in the fridge and using the third one. Thank you ENDOCA for excellent quality but most of all for providing an honest, truthful product that has changed our life as we know it. My best to you, always.....

  • I ordred the Raw CBD oil and have been very happy with its efficacy in helping to relieve my anxiety. It relaxes me and helps me to sleep better at night. I have tried it in the daytime and found that my anxiety symptoms improved without drowsiness, but usually I take it right when I get home in the evening.

  • I received my order very quick, and I am very pleased with the oil that I chose. I have tried different brands, but I think I found the one I will stick with. I have chronic migraines, so when I feel like one is coming this oil is very helpful.

    Tesla Roberts
  • We received great advice and assistance from endoca customer care,thanks.So far we are very pleased with this oil, we bought the 15% raw (CBD+CBDa). P.B